Dhaba Style Special Shahi Paneer Recipe in English

I want to give you a new Dhaba Style Special Shahi Paneer Recipe by this delicious recipe we make happy to everyone. After cook the new shahi paneer recipe you can happy with those persons who are involved in your life whether they are related to your family, your friends or official friends or boss anything you want its depend only on you. But I know only one thing by which I can give a new desire only on your face. So kindly read this delicious Dhaba Style Special shahi paneer recipe. By this, you can make happy of that all persons which are connected in your happy life that’s called “Shahi Paneer” so get ready to enjoy in this very tasty food.

Try this recipe here are lots of secrets check it out.

Special Shahi Paneer Recipe Dhaba Style in English

About Special Shahi Paneer Recipe in Dhaba Style

In Many occasions when all relatives are collect in-home whether it is an occasion, festivals, celebrations, birthdays, picnics, or many others. Then we want to enjoy with the whole family members whether they are family members relatives or related to official workers. Whether he is boss or worker is depend only on that condition in which we want only enjoy. You can say only this time is an only good time in our life which we should enjoy in the free mood with our friends or relatives in every condition. Like playing, watch the movie, waking or mainly eating new dish by whom we enjoy more, so take all these wishes.

Special Shahi Paneer Recipe Ingredients

  1. Paneer
  2. Cooking oil,
  3. Onion
  4. Ginger
  5. Chilli
  6. Garam Masala
  7. Salt
  8. Jeera
  9. Heeng
  10. Water
  11. Shahi Paneer Masala
  12. Almond, Kaju

After all these, I am excited to share this recipe with all of you. So let’s start to make this delicious recipe named “Special Shahi Paneer” it’s a really delicious recipe. Never forget one thing this recipe is the most delicious recipe in all those delicious recipes which is like in high society members whether it is related in any condition.

Step by Step Special Shahi Paneer Recipe

If you want to make your image in every person that person can be any. I mean to say they may be in your family, friends in any relation. You should remember only one thing that you can do anything whether it’s related to any condition. Now we should ready to make this recipe.


In this recipe firstly cut the paneer in small size not the more long size or if you want to cut paneer in any shape. Then you can cut in that shape. After this, we shall fry all pieces in low flame till three or four minutes or whenever you like it only depends only on you.

Then after we should grind this mixture that the mixture is not thicker or not be thin it should depend only on you. So ready our vegetable mixture. For this mixture firstly we should ready our vegetable mixture firstly onion, ginger, Kaju, almonds will take in grander and ready a mixture.

Then put a pan on the gas. When the pan will be some hot now left some oil and or left some oil. When oil is some hot then free some jeera when jeera is some hot then free onion, ginger. After ten minutes we make this better. then take this better in a plate till two or three minutes and again some oil take in that pen then we shall free jeera, heeng, and the onion paste after two or three minutes then we shall free the onion paste. Whenever it will be lightly fried. Then now again after two or three minutes.

Now we free the paneer pieces in that pen and fry in this better till two or three minutes. Now we free the Haldi powder, salt, garam masala chili flix Shahi paneer masala in this better, now we free some water in this pen according to that pieces paste .then after ten or fifteen minutes we should boil this vegetable. Whenever this vegetable is ready then after few minutes we should serve this in any other pot. one more thing this vegetable is so testy but don’t forget one thing every vegetable is so testy but then when it will be so spicy you know what I wanna say that without chilly it can not be made so tasty. So it depends only on you. In last I wanna say only one thing that doesn’t be late to make this recipe.

Garnishing details in Dhaba Style

Suppose we are cooking any delicious recipe and that recipe is very tasty suppose in your home it’s any function on your home you cooked new recipes in your home. mary relatives are collect in your home you make the delicious recipe but unfortunately, you don’t have any that thing by whom you can decorate your dish. That may be anything I mean to say that will be green coriander, Kaju, Almonds, or anything you want.

Now when we will serve this recipe then before serving this recipe we should take a stylish plate and then we shall take some tasty this dish and in last we should garnish from chopped paneer, cutting Kaju, and green coriander. At last one more thing that is when your recipe is so tasty but without garnish it does not look tasty, it eats .so firstly we should serve in looking stylish then your dish is perfect in look oo eat. Then every person wants to you a new more recipe just like this.

Few words about Recipe

When we all family members are collected in any case I mean to say it may be any marriage, any birthday some person whether it is our family relatives, cousin, friends, from the side of mother family then we are getting upset that what we are getting done in the home in small time then if u are brilliant in every field, suppose it is reading, writing, dance, singing, teaching, or cooking and many other fields. If you are the best cooker then u can do anything in every field. So let’s get started with my sorry I mean to say your delicious recipe named “Special Shahi Paneer”. After making this recipe every person makes your fan and never forget you sorry your recipe .and always say in exited mood that you and your recipe are really great in this world.

At last, I wanna say only one thing that every person want to do any work in any field then he can do everything in any field.

So all candidates our recipe is ready for all of you so like our recipe and enjoy with your all family members.

Thanks a lot.

Bye Bye Take Care

Thanks a lot

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