Republic Day Speech in English & Hindi 2018 for Students, Teachers

We are giving latest and unique happy republic day speech 2018 in English and Hindi. This speech can use students to give speech in assembly and any culture program in his school. Lots of employees can also use it to in his office. We are giving you unique speech for republic day in India.  You can download or print speech for Republic day in India.

Download Happy Republic Day 2018 Images, for Facebook, Whatsapp. Every Indian celebrating 26 January 2017 republic day by distribution of sweets in schools and cultural dances.

1. Republic Day Speech 2018 in English for students and Teachers

Hello respected principle, teachers and my classmates, we have gathered here today to mark the Day of the Republic of India. It is time we heard the speech by our honorable guest of honor after hoisting the national flag. The speech was also heard of us, our teachers and school / college management. Now I would say that gives me a great opportunity to be here and talk about our beautiful nation today Republic. India is a democratic state. Autonomy of India The Constitution of India has emerged on 26 January 1950. As every year, was achieved observed on the day of the Republic at that time. This year we observe the 68th Republic Day, in India. He can not say that only in the Republic Day we need to remember the sacrifice of our chefs in the country, but we remember it every day, and I congratulate them. Thank you and good day.

2. Republic Day Speech 2018 for schools, colleges and offices

January 26th as a national festival of India, which was declared as a national holiday observed. Independence Day and Gandhi Jayanti two other national holidays. January 26, 1950 our country became fully democratic Republic in the Parliament of India after independence.
Indian Army (Army, Navy and Air Force) welcomed the President as she walked to the Rajpath. Indian Army show the strength of India and by presenting creations of heavy artillery and tanks. After the parade, the army revealed all States Jhankis that the customs and culture. Only on this day all the Indians to swear in order to develop our country as a peaceful nation. Ultimately, each student receives namkin and sweet and goes with all his house listening happily.Thanks this short speech of the Republic Day.

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Republic Day Speech in English on celebrating 26 January 2018 for students & Teachers

Good morning, my respected Principal, dear my elders and my best friends. My name is …… I studied in the class … .. I want to speak to you on day of the Republic. I am very grateful that my class teacher for giving me this opportunity to recite a speech on the day of the Republic of India. Every year, my dear friends, we celebrate to remember this national event and a tribute to the Constitution of India. It is celebrated in all schools and universities by students and teachers, but also in states across the country occurred in government agencies and other institutions. A big celebration was held in the capital New Delhi, Rajpath, India Gate before the President of India and the guest of honor of another country. A ceremonial parade on Rajpath United is organized to perform a tribute to India.

Kicked On this day, the Indian Constitution in force in 1950, but has been accepted by 26 November 1949 the Constituent Assembly. On January 26, India was said Purna Swaraj of the Indian National Congress in 1930, therefore, 26 January was chosen to lead the Indian Constitution in force. After application to the Union of India today Republic of India, which was replaced the law of the Government of India from 1935 to basic governance document officially. Our country was a sovereign republic, secular, socialist and democratic declared by the Constitution. Our Constitution guarantees the citizens of India in the field of justice, freedom and equality between them.

Our Indian Constitution was (389 members) drafted by the Constituent Assembly. It took about three years (actually two years 11 months and 18 days) are written. A drafting committee was established by the Constituent Assembly August 29, 1947 in the drafting of the Constitution chaired by Dr. BR Ambedkar. Some important figures of the drafting committee Dr. BR Ambedkar were Jawaharlal Nehru, Ganesh Vasudev Mavalankar, C. Rajagopalachari, Sanjay Phakey, Balwantrai Mehta, Sardar Patel Vallabhbhai, Kanaiyalal Munshi Rajendra Prasad, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, Nalini Ranjan Ghosh, Shyama Prasad Mukherjee and Sandipkumar Patel. More than 30 members of the editorial staff were all game class. Some important members were women Sarojini Naidu, Amrit Kaur, Durgabai Deshmukh, Hansa Mehta and Vijayalakshmi Pandit. Indian Constitution grants rights to citizens to choose their own government.

India gained its independence in 1947, August 15, but was a sovereign, democratic republic after the adoption of the state constitution. In the federal capital, a 21-gun salute of guns, the National Flag of India, and the national anthem was sung. A parade by the armed forces of India is celebrated in front of the President of India and guest conductor. Pupils also participate in the parade to show their creativity in dance and songs. It also includes the state on the Rajpath Jhanki advisable to show unity in diversity in India.
Thank Jai Hind

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