Doeacc CCC New Syllabus & Exam Pattern, Old Question Paper 2017 (NIELIT)

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National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology changed its syllabus of CCC (Course on Computer Concept) from February 2017. After that each student will attend the ccc exam according to new syllabus. You can download nielit ccc new syllabus along with exam pattern for 2017 exam in Hindi. NIELIT added a new chapter in old CCC Syllabus. The name of new chapter is Application of Digital Financial Services which is added into the ccc new syllabus. Contents of new chapter are given below.

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Chapter – 8, Application of Digital Financial Services

  • Introduction
  • Objective
  • Why Saving are needed?
    • Emergencies
    • Future Needs
    • Large Expenses
  • Drawback of Keeping Cash at Home
    • Unsafe
    • Loss of Growth Opportunity
    • No Credit Eligibility
  • Why Bank is needed?
    • Secure Money, Earn Interest, Get Loan
    • Inculcate habit of saving
    • Remittances using Cheque Demand Draft
    • Avoid risk of chit funds, sahukars
  • Banking Products
    • Types of Accounts and Deposit
    • Types of Loan and Overdrafts
    • Filling up of Cheques, Demand Drafts
  • Documents for Opening Accounts
    • Know your Customer (KYC)
    • Photo ID Proof, Address Proof
    • Indian Currency
  • Banking Service Delivery Channels – I
    • Bank Branch, ATM
    • Bank Mitra with Micro ATM
    • Point of Sales
  • Banking Service Delivery Channels – II
    • Internet Banking
    • National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT),Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS)
  • Insurance
    • Necessity of Insurance
    • Life Insurance and Non-life Insurance
  • Various Schemes
    • Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana (PMJDY)
    • Social Security Schemes
    • Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana (PMSBY)
    • Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana (PMJJBY)
    • Atal Pension Yojana (APY)
    • Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana (PMMY)
  • National Pension Scheme
    • Public Provident Fund (PPF) Scheme
    • Bank on your mobile
    • Mobile Banking
    • Mobile Wallets

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Important and Old Question Papers for CCC Exam
Q:-1: When Word gets loaded, the opening screen displays a document named.
(A) Document1 (B) Document
(C) Doc1 (D) No document name is displayed
Answer :- A
Q:-2: You specify the save details of your file in the
(A) SaveAs…dialog box (B) My Computer
(C) Windows Explorer (D) Permanently deleted
Answer :- D
Q:-3: Word offers certain ways by which you can move around in a document.
(A) By scrolling (B) by moving to a specific page
(C) Both A and B (D) None of the above
Answer :- C
Q:-4: The contents of the Clipboard remain the same until
(A) You cut other text (B) You shut down your computer
(C) You copy other text (D) All of the above
Answer :- D
Q:-6: In word you can align the selected paragraph to its right by pressing
(A) Ctrl + E (B) Ctrl + L
(C) Ctrl + R (D) None of the Above
Answer :- C
Q:-7: Word automatically places a default left aligned tab stops at every
(A) 0.2” (B) 0.4”
(C) 0.3” (D) 0.5”
Answer :- D
Q:-8: What is the term used for the word processing programs that show you directly on the PC screen the appearance of your final document as you might expect when the document is printed on the paper.
(A) Search & Replace (B) Pagination
(C) Soft Copy (D) WYSIWYG
Answer :- B
Q:-9: When you insert a table in a document
(A) Word outlines each cell with continuous lines so that you see the cells when you work in a table
(B) Word outlines each cell with dotted gridlines so that you see the cells when you work in a table.
(C) No line is drawn
(D) None of the above
Answer :- B
Q:-10: After a table has been created, which of the following operations cannot be performed?
(A) Insert rows in a table (B) Delete and insert columns
(C) Split the table into two tables (D) None of the above
Answer :- C
Q:-11: How many scroll bars can be visible on the text area if your document is over 200%?
(A) Four (B) Two A
(C) One (D) Three
Answer :- B
Q:-12: What ribbon will you find where you can add a chart ?
(A) View (B) Reference
(C) Insert A (D) page Layout
Answer :- C
Q:-13: What ribbon do you use to change margins?
(A)Page Layout (B) View
(C) Insert (D) Home
Answer :- A
Q:-14: What can be shown on the status bar?
(A)Name of document, insert button, spell check
(B) Number of spelling errors, page number, Document name
(C) Size of margins, word count, web layout
(D) Number of pages in the document, word count, spelling/grammar check
Answer :- D
Q:-15: Which ribbon shows what fonts are available for use ?
(A)View (B) Page Layout
(C) Reference (D) Home
Answer :- D
Q:-16: What ribbon do you need to be on to see the document views that are available?
(A) Insert (B) View
(C) Page Layout (D) Home
Answer :- B
Q:-17: What page view can you use to see what it will look like when printed?
(A) Outline View (B) Draft View
(C) Reading View (D) Print View
Answer :- D
Q:-18: What is NOT a new feature in word 2010?
(A)Ribbon (B) Button
(C) Charts (D) Drop down menu
Answer :- D
Q:-19: What is the name of the small toolbar at the top that can show the save disk?
(A) My Document (B) Quick Access
(C) Title Bar (D) Find Me
Answer :- B
Q:-20: What is NOT on the insert ribbon ?
(A) Shapes (B) Clip Art
(C) Page Number (D) Thesaurus
Answer :- D

True or False CCC Question for Exam Papers
1. To highlight the paragraph, double-click in the selection bar next to the paragraph. T
2. To select an entire document you will double click the mouse in the selection bar. F
3. Right justification makes the ends of lines uneven. T
4. Italic characters are slanted than regular characters. T
5. Margins are the distances between the text and the edges of the paper. T
6. MS- Word operating system was developed by Microsoft to overcome the limitations of its own MS-DOS operating system.T
7. In order to save a file, on the standard toolbar, click on the save button. T
8. A blank line is also called as a paragraph. It is called as an empty paragraph. T
9. You cannot undo certain operations like saving, printing, opening and creating document. T
10. Print button on the Quick Access toolbar will print the entire document using the default settings.T
11. Using Home tab you can perform editing functions such as cut, copy, paste, find and replace etc. T
12. Using insert menu you can insert various objects such page numbers, headers and footers, picture etc.T
13. Using Review tab you can access to various utilities of word such as spell check, macros and mail merge etc F
14. In MS word every command is available in ribbon. T
15. Formula bar is available in MS-word. F

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