RRB NTPC Question Papers & Answers of 02 April 2016

Railway recruitment exam of 02 April 2016 was successfully completed at all exam centers. Now we are giving you all questions and answers of rrb ntpc 02 april 2016 online exam. All the applicants who are appear in that exam can get the questions along with answers for rrb ntpc 02 april 2016 online exam. All the questions and answers of all shifts morning, afternoon and evening is given here.

RRB NTPC Question Papers & Answer of 02 April 2016 for Morning Shift
Q: Which Country got independence in 2011?
A: South Sudan.

Q: When did women participated all events in which Olympics?
A: 2012.

Q: From which country, India borrowed Emergency provision?
A: Germany.

Q: Srilanka got Independence in which year ?
A: 4 February 1948

Q: What are Shahjahan constructed forts?
A: Taj mahal, jama masjid,shalimar garden,red ford, jahangir mausoleum

Q: Homo sapiens is scientific name of?
A: Men.

Q: Currency name of Korea?
A: South Korean won

Q: First human journey to outer space?
A: Yuri Gagarin

Q: In which cells Mitochondria doesn’t exists?
A: human red blood cells

Q: Inventor of Periodic table?
A: Dmitri Mendeleev

Q: Fastest acting anti rabies vaccine drug developed by which country?
A: India.

Q: Study of Organisms and environment is called?
A: Ecology

Q: Cultivation of saffron in which state?
A: Jammu and Kashmir.

Q: Indian parliament designed by ?
A: Edwin Lutyens & Herbert Baker

Q: Nacl means like salt/water/sugar?
A: Salt

Q: X-rays discovered by?
A: Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen

Q: In 2019, which country hosts Rugby game?
A: Japan.

Q: Capital city of Gujarat?
A: Gandhinagar.

Q: King Ashoka’s dynasty name?
A: Maurya.

Q: Which planets has no satellites?
A: Mercury and venus.

Q: What is the minimum age to become Indian PM?
A: Member of Loksabha (25 years) and Rajya Sabha(30 Years)

Q: Jallianwala Bagh massacre date?
A: April 13, 1919.

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RRB NTPC Question Papers & Answer of 02 April 2016 for Afternoon Shift
Q: Where wil be next Rugby World Cup?
A: Japan

Q: Minimum Age to become PM in India?
A: 25 Years

Q: Who designed the Indian Parliament Building?
A: Sir Edwin Lutyens

Q: What is NACL?
A: Salt

Q: Ashoka was from which Dynasty?
A: Mourya Dynasty

Q: What is currency of Korea?
A: Won

Q: In which state Saffron is produced?
A: Jammu & Kashmir

Q: When is Indian Project Tiger Instituated?
A: 1973

Q: Which Country got Independence in 2011?
A: South Sudan

Q: Who won Nobel Peace Prize award in 2011?
A: Tawakkol Karman, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Leymah Gbowee

Q: Shah Jahan Build what?
Ans. Jama Masjid in Delhi

Q: Who invented X-Rays?
A: W.C Roentgen

Q: Women participated all events in which Olympics?
A: 2012, London

Q: Emergency is borrowed from which country?
A: Germany

Q: What term related to Badminton?
A: Wood shot, Hairspin shot

Q: Which year Srilanka got Independence?
A: 1972

Q: Homo sepians is scientific name of?
A: Man

Q: What is capital of Gujarat?
A: Gandhinagar

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RRB NTPC Question Papers & Answer of 02 April 2016 for Afternoon Shift
Q: What is the Ratio of Indian Fleming?
A: 3:2

Q: Who established Mughal Dynasty?
A: Babar

Q: What did Alexander Fleming discovered?
A: Penicillin

Q: Which colour has the lowest frequency?
A: Violet

Q: What is there in Article 21 A?
A: Free and compulsory education of all children

Q: What is molecular formula of Sugar?
A: C12H22O11

Q: Which is light metal in Room Temperature?

Q: Temple related to plague eradication in India?

Q: Tennis which is played on Hard Court?
A: US & Australian

Q: Geostationary Satellite on 1981?
A: Apple

Q: Who is the Father of Indian Space Programs?
A: Vikram Sarabhai

Q: What is called White Desert of India?
A: Siachen

Q: Homo sapiens are separated from?

Q: Which organization used UNIX in their products?

Q: Who was the first man to reach outer space?

Q: River Brahmputra doesn’t flows in which country?

Q: In which cells Mitochondria doesn’t exist?

Q: Who Invented Periodic Table?

Q: Which country developed fastest acting anti rabies vaccine?

Q: Recent creature which lives without water for 10 years?

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