RRB NTPC 2016 Questions and Answers of 01, 02, 03, 04 April 2016

Railway Recruitment board is now conducting rrb ntpc recruitment exam 2016. Board started the taking exam from 28-03-2016. Exam have been conducted in three shifts. (1. Morning Shift 2. Afternoon Shift and 3. Evening Shift). We are giving you RRB NTPC 2016 questions papers answer answers date wise on this website. By this you can match your answers and taking an idea about your result. Exam paper have total 100 questions. This is the online exam. In that exam negative marking also applicable. Here 1/3 negative marking will be apply at the time of marking.

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Q:What is the common language spoken in Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu?

Q: Who is chanda Kochhar?
A: MD & CEO of ICICI Bank.

Q: “Life On My Terms: From the Grassroots to the Corridors of Power” is an autobiography of?
A: Sharad Pawar

Q: What is Guru Shikar?
A: a peak in the Arbuda Mountains of Rajasthan, is the highest point of the Aravalli Range.

Q: zika virus is caused by which mosquitos?
A: Aedes mosquitoes

Q: Exobiology means?
A: search for extraterrestrial life

Q: Prostate is a—?
A: Gland.

Q: Bangladesh’s constitution date?
A: November 4, 1972

Q: Legislative power are vested with whom?
A: Parliament of India.

Q: AC to DC Converter?
A: Rectifier

Q: Triratna is related to what?
A: Budhist.

Q: In Tennis, Grand slam is combination of ?
A: Australia open, French open, Wimbledon open and US open.

Q: Which of following books is not written by Abdul kalam ?
A: My country My life.

Q: Kalpana chawla’s space shuttle name?
A: columbia.

Q: Hirakud is located at which bank of river?
A: Mahanadi.

Q: In, LAL BAL PAL, who are lal and bal?
A: Lala Lajpat rai and Bal gangadhar Tilak

Q:Which authority is elected on the basis of proportional representation?
A: President

Q: Kurukshetra is near to ?
A: Ambala City

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RRB NTPC 2016 Questions and Answer of 01, 02, 03, 04 April 2016 exam Morning Shift
Q: In which year for the first time Commonwealth game was held?
A: 2010.

Q: A famous personality who wrote Wings of Fire book was ____________.
A: Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

Q: The game Jalikattu game is associated with which state?
A: Tamil Nadu.

Q: Audio phones was invented by _____ in 1910?
A: Nathaniel Baldwin

Q: For which diseases Chemotherapy is used as treatment
A: Cancer.

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Q: Number of languages which are written in Indian note?
A: 17

Q: Whose signature is there on 1 rupee note?
A: Finance Secretary.

Q: Which among the following states achieved 100% inclusion in PMJDY?
A: Goa and Kerala

Q: What is virus name of Chicken pox?
A: Varicella zoster virus.

Q: With which country India signed MOU to increase solar energy?
A: U.K.

Q: Who is15th Prime minister of India?
A: Narendra Modi.

Q: Who is First women President of Indian national congress post independence?
A: Indira Gandhi.

Q: What is MS Office?
A: Application software.

Q: What is dakshin Ganga?
A: Godavari

Q: ______ is Computer key used for help menu?
A: F1 button.

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RRB NTPC 2016 Questions and Answer for 01, 02, 03, 04 April 2016 Afternoon Shift
Q: Who designed Our Indian National flag?
A: Pingali Venkaiyya.

Q: Who is the first woman to win Gold medal in Olympics Boxing?
A: Nicola Adams.

Q: The line of Control between India and Pakistan was constructed in _____ year
A: 1972

Q: Range of decibel that can be heard by human ear?
A: 60-120 DB.

Q: What is capital of Arunachal Pradesh?
A: Itanagar

Q: What is cloud computing?
A: Service

Q: What is MS-office?
A: Application software

Q: Where is International space university located?
A: France

Q: Where shravanbelagola lie in?
A: Karnataka

Q: Where is Canton tower loacted?
A: China

Q: In which year great Bhagat singh hanged?
A: 1931

Q: Which country toped in FIFA rankings as per 7th Jan 2016?
A: Belgium

Q: Process of seperating Hydrogen and oxgen is _____.
A: Electolysis

Q: Which among the following is cooking gas?

Q: Solar is related to sun. Lunar is related to ______.
A: Moon

RRB NTPC 2016 questions and Answers 01, 02, 03, 04 April 2016 of Evening Shift (3rd Shift)
Q: Webpages are written using ________.
A: html

Q: Where 2018 fifa world cup is held?
A: Russia

Q: Dialysis is treatment for ______.
A: Kidneys

Q: Captcha is used for ________.
A: To check whether user is human or not

Q: What is use of Nustar – x ray?
A: To focus high energy x-rays

Q: ______ is called as Bankers of Bankers?
A: Reserve Bank of India.

Q: International Unity day celebrated on?
A: 31 October.

Q: NASA Headquarter is located at?
A: Washington DC.

Q: IMO stands for?
A: International Maritime Organisation

Q: What is National highway greenery plan?
A: To plant trees along 6000km on highways.

Q: Ghandhiji’s Guru name?
A: Gopal krishna gokale.

Q: which is new scheme of formers?
A: Crop Insurance Scheme.

Q: First female Chief minister in India?
A: Sucheta Krupalani.

Q: Highest Tea producing state in India?
A: Assam state.

Q: Kuchipudi belongs to?
A: Andhrapradesh state.

Q: Water droplets cause Rainbow, why?
A: Dispersion of light.

Q: What is Larynx?
A: sound box.

Q: World heritage site by UNESCO in 1985 is?
A: Kaziranga wildlife sanctuary.

Q: who won Male Gold medalist in 2012 Olympics in Tennis?
A: Andy Murray.

Q: Who has hitted 6 sixes in T20 worldcups?
A: YuvRaj Singh.

Q: Kudankulam is located at?
A: Tamil Nadu.

Q: Computer security Day celebrated on?
A: 30 November.

Q: First Home Minister of India?
A: Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

Q: Osama Bin Laden was killed at which place?
A: Abbottabad, Pakistan.

Q: Indian Coins made of which metal?
A: Ferritic Steel.

Q: In which year Chandrayan-1 was launched?
A: 2008

Q: What is Young crocodile called as?
A: Hatchling

Q: What is full form of IMO?
A: International Maritime Organisation

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